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March 2008 *** Associated Press Report - Drugs in our Drinking Water *** Most notable in the report was a comment on how pharmaceuticals are getting into our drinking water - People taking PILLS!! - - -As referenced in the Physicians Desk Reference for the past 20 years, the body only absorbs 10% of a pill at best and the rest gets flushed down the toilet. - - -Todays technology offers the solution to this potentially critical problem - Oral Spray's, a process manufactured by and marketed by Qsciences. 
Link to AP article on AOL

A NY Times article about the testing of 10 St. John's Wort pills by an independent testing lab revealed that more than half of the products contained 50% or less of the ingredients stated on the label. The worst contained only 20% of the St. John's wort stated on the label.

A University of Oklahoma study measured the blood concentration levels that resulted from taking 600mg of Calcium in pill form. The study revealed that the resulting blood concentrations averaged 25mg or a mere 4%.

Studies of blood concentrations (Cleveland Clinic ) as a result of B-12 injections compared to B-12 sprays, performed by independent labs, reveal that B-12 sprays to be 2-3 times more effective based on blood levels!

A study of prenatal vitamins performed by the American Journal of Pharmacopeia indicated that 6 of 9 vitamins tested failed the dissolution tests, therefore providing close to 0% absorption (blood concentrate) of these essential nutrients. Is your vitamin supplement adequate?

Dr. Michael Colgan in The New Nutrition, Pg. 100-1996 - "The majority of multi-vitamins are woefully inadequate. In a recent study at Yale New Haven Hospital, researches evaluated all commons brands of vitamins bought off the shelf at a wide range of stores. Many were made with the wrong ratios of nutrients to each other, or contained too little of the more expensive nutrients, or some were missing some nutrients altogether. Of the 257 vitamin products tested, only 49 were judged to be adequate."

Who can you trust! Dr. Jess Thoene, University of Michigan, Quotes from Newsweek, " Industry Unmonitored", "The potency and purity of dietary supplements can vary widely.. Doctors at Duke University recently examined 12 bottles of L-Carnitine and found that most samples contained 60 percent or less of the substance. More than half of the brands were indigestible by humans; in other words, it was going in one end and out the other. In the marketplace today, the general public doesn't know what brand to trust, and what not to trust."

Linda Grover - August Celebration "Mineral and vitamin content of foods has declined drastically. In 1948, you could buy spinach that had 158 milligrams of iron per hundred grams. But by 1965, the maximum iron they could find had dropped to 27 milligrams! In 1973, it was averaging 2.2. That's from a hundred and fifty! That means today you'd have to eat 75 bowls of spinach to get the same amount of iron one bowl might have given you back in '48. That's when Popeye was really big, right?"

*192 Million North Americans are overweight.
*80 million suffer from allergies
*60 million have coronary desease resulting in 1 million deaths from heart disease every year
*30 million have serious arthritis
*25 million suffer from osteoporosis
*8 million suffer from cronic migraine headaches
*1 in 3 will get cancer, resulting in 1 million new cases every year
*1 in 20 will develop diabetes, resulting in 300,000 deaths every year

"In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function" - Dr. Mathias Rath,MD

"Every sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency" - Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D

The following testimonials are based on the experiences from satisfied customers. Please consult your physician for specific recommendations pertaining to your condition.

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"Vanadium effective in fighting cancer cells"
"Obesity Health Costs Outweigh Smoking"

The Centre for Mental Health Solutions - intro. ltr.

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" I used to take 100 pills a day! Now, I just spray." - Peter Lupus Actor/ Mission Impossible, Body Builder, Guiness World Record Holder - Weight Lifting

" Sprays will be present in the systematic circulation ( throughout the body ) in only 22 seconds. Used regularly, four times daily, they will produce considerable protection..." - Dr. Jorge A. Saborio Board Certified Urologist

"The idea of a spray vitamin was very intriguing ... I carried B-12 with me on a 10K run and found I was five minutes faster than a race a month before with less training." - David Tanner Iron Man Competitor

"One night my husband was sniffling with a runny nose and a headache. He never thought much about the spray vitamins, but that night I made him try it. And sure enough he was perfectly fine the next morning. He was convinced!" - Bonni Horab

"My thirteen year old daughter has been hyperactive all of her life. School has been a problem for her due to her inability to focus for long periods of time. She started using pycnogenols and those around her have noticed a difference. She is much calmer and more focused now. I have been able to enjoy time with her for the first time ever" - Rhonda Stephensen

"I am a nurse who works for an extremely busy doctor. I have been experiencing a lot of stress over the last several years. The first product I used has calmed me down tremendously and helps me to be less stressed. In fact, most of the nurses I work with use the spray." - Rhonda Stephenson

"I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years. I have been into alternatives for the past 10 years using nutrition and sublingual with some help. Nothing has restored my energy and sense of well-being like Oral Sprays. I now have my energetic self back. " - Sherrie Sletter Burbank, Ca.

"After beginning sprays I felt a lot more energy but didn't realize how much better I was until I ran out of them for a week and a half. I could not believe the difference. I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do for five years! I am completely sold on this product and the delivery system. " - Micki Brown Greenville, SC

"I have been living with a bloated feeling in my stomach for as long as I can remember. I started using Oral Sprays and gave up my pack of vitamin pills. I was so used to that feeling that it took a week for me to notice that it was gone. A total of 16 pounds are gone. I did not diet. I do not diet. I just got the proper nutrients from sprays and my body does the rest." - Michael Savino Venice, Ca.

At a recent Phoenix gathering, former Vice President Dan Quayle was seen spraying. In response to a reporter's inquiry, Mr. Quayle was quoted "I don't drink that much orange juice, and when I am on the road, it's really good."

Excerpt from Arizona Republic Newspaper "The reason I love the vitamins is because of how quickly they absorb. In my career, if I had to wait for my vitamins to absorb I could get hit." ".you can buy them now or you can buy them later, but you will end up buying spray vitamins because there is nothing else like them. They Work!!" World Heavyweight Boxing Champion - Evander Holyfield

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Absorption of various nutrutionals

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"The idea of a spray vitamin was very intriguing..I carried the B-12 with me on a 10K run and found I was five minuets faster than a race a month before with less training." David Tanner - Iron Man Competitor

"Sprays will be present in the systematic circulation ( throughout the boby) in only 22 seconds. Used regularly four times a day, they will produce considerable protection." Dr. Jorge A. Saborio, Board Certified Urologist

" My blood levels are good, thanks to B-12 and the wonderful high B and C complex in Stress. And the Multiple puts my feet on solid ground before I put them on the floor in the morning. Spray! Spray! Spray!." Jacqueline Harrison, Former Ms. Senior America of California

"A few weeks after using the sprays, I studied them and then decided I would never take another pill again." Michelle Homan, Former Champion Ice Skater

The NEW YORK YANKEES - Earlier this year (1998), the entire team started using Spray B-12 . The players found the sprays gave them increased muscle strenth and endurance. Following a regular schedule of use both before and during games, the team used the sprays in both training and during the regular season.

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987 and told by my doctor that nothing could be done. I asked what I should do and he said do very little. I cried for almost 2 weeks and learned all I could about the disease. I learned that I must control the my diet and exercise every day. I must admit it did help BUT it didn't control the progression of the disease. M.S. can cause things such as eye problems, bladder problems, twitching of the muscles, excessive body heat, speech and walking problems to happen. I was personally affected by a number of problems - the most troubling being a limp on my left side. In 1994, my daughter married and I was plagued with limping down the aisle instead of walking gracefully. Two years later, I was introduced to oral sprays and within three weeks lost my limp! I then started taking stock of my entire body and hoe much better I felt. Wonders never cease - my problems had lessened to such an extent that I felt like a whole new person." VICKY RUTT, Tampa, Florida

"Since being on the Spray Vitamins, I have felt my overall health has improved, and I have more energy." Joann Sulivan,Mesa, Arizona "I have been plagued with heart problems, high cholesterol, fatigue, one kidney, three kids and everything else. I couldn't wait to tell everyone about my recent physical. After 8 years and countless medications, none that ever worked, my tests came back PERFECT. Even my doctor asked me what I was doing different? I told him "Just Spraying!" Colleen Lovett, Long Beach, California

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Quick Tips

Many people have commented on topical applications of these water soluble minerals. Use an empty SPRAY bottle, thoroughly cleaned, and fill with desired mineral product full strength. The spray on desired area and let dry naturally. Do NOT apply with hands, as the high absorption qualities of these products will absorb thru YOUR skin, not on the intended!!!

SILVER - Has been found to be helpful with rashes, facial skin blotches, insect bites, cuts, bruises, warts, fungus growth, scalp problems, foot odor problems and even genital problems!!!

Cal-Mag - Has been found to relieve joint pain with topical application, within minuets! Note: Extreamly high and fast absorption of these products thru skin requires that you apply with gloves, sprayer or cotton ball. People have reported that using topical application and ingesting recommended amount permanently relieved transient stress related and/or local minor injury pain and suffering.

MAGNESIUM - Has been found to be helpful with pain and swelling, especially joint swelling.

What may cause Fibro-Myalgia/CFS/Migraines/Joint Problems??? Click Here

"Vanadium effective in fighting cancer cells" !! - Click Here for Parker Hughes Cancer Center report

Helpful Conversions
1 tsp = 1/3 TBL = 1/6 ounce
3 tsp = 1 TBL = 1/2 ounce
6 tsp = 2 TBL = 1 ounce
48 tsp = 1 cup = 8 fl. oz.
16 TBL = 1 cup = 8 fl. oz.
  = 2 cups = 16 fl. oz.
  = 4 cups = 1 quart

Vitamin B-12, Vit C,Vit E

Imagine not having to choke on those large pills and suffer morning sickness? Imagine not having to worry about the little blue pill? Imagine peaceful and natural sleep? Imagine stress releaf without medication?
Now you can - with Q Oral Spray Nutrients

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The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body. Q Molecular Oral spray technology has near 100% absorption

Glucosamine in Oral Spray


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