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The significance and impact that Q Oral Sprays are having in the Wellness & Nutritional Industry
can only be realized by knowing what Oral Absorption really is!

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Qsciences Oral Sprays verses  Pills and sub-lingual - homepathic
Net Retail Cost of Approx. - $89.91 +
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Injection vs Q Oral Sprays
B-12 Shots
+ Doctor's Visit - $95.00+
Q Oral Spray B-12 vitamin

They Don't Even EQUAL
One tube of Q B-12 Spray
at $24

Medical professionals, hospitals, Wellness Professionals etc. World Wide are embracing Qsprays - Do YOU Want a Piece of the Action?

Absorption for pills as shown in Physicians Desk Reference

Qsprays, like a Doctor's prescription

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Q Molecular Oral Spray Nutrients, Herbs, Vitamins       
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The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body. Q MOLECULAR Oral spray technology has near 100% absorption

Each tube contains a 30 day supply of the product of your choice

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Qsciences has High Tech Natural Products
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