What Molecular Oral Absorption Really Is

I would like you to think for a moment – how would you describe what Spray Vitamins are ? 

Is your first thought - it’s a great Vitamin and nutritional line?

Or we have the greatest vitamins in the world?

Maybe you would say we have fantastic fast acting Spray Vitamins!

Well, all of that may be true, but the next guy is saying the same thing about HIS vitamins, herbs, drinks etc.

ORAC scores, sub-lingual, Amazon forest herb, nano technology, vortex technology ( anyone really know what that is?), charged ions, magnetically purified – you get the point.  Do you REALLY wish to spend hours debating “Mine’s better than Yours”???

You may be missing the point.  What it REALLY is is Molecular Oral Absorption of any product we choose, and making it taste good.  And THAT is our product – not Vitamins herbs and minerals!

  We have the most powerful, effective and purest product delivery system ever devised worldwide short of intravenous feeding.

What Qsciences chose to do is take advantage of one of the most lucrative markets in the world and use the revolutionary delivery system by SprayLabs to market vitamins and other nutritionals.

If you think about it – if this revolutionary delivery system works that well ( as referenced in the PDR ), and enters the blood stream so fast ( in 20 seconds), you get a little nervous – what if the company is like many out there, with no FDA oversight, putting in questionable ingredients that may really cause you harm!

Again, Spray Labs makes sure they have covered all bases.  They are FDA inspected, and have earned their NF/USP and GMP labels by using only Pharmaceutical grade ingredients from the good old USA!  Find me another company out there marketing Nutritionals that can make that claim!  There may be one, but I have not heard of them yet, especially in the Home Business market.

All of this is what makes our Nutritional products so powerful and effective!  Take any one of our products, and you could build a whole company around it.  Sleep for example – people copy our ingredients and make pills or sub-lingual concoctions – and when they do not work as well, they then add questionable ingredients to increase the effectiveness, like some sedative drug agent etc – and they still do not compare.

The key in all cases, we do not make it to the digestive system to upset the body with additional fillers, whey ( are you whey sensitive? ) and much more.  With our delivery system, only those items necessary are included – we do not need the other stuff! 

While nature gives us food for the body that is designed to be absorbed thru our digestive system, until now, man has not been able to duplicate what nature does. Instead man adds chemicals and derivatives which, even with 50% absorption, the digestive system negates the beneficial properties. The beneficial properties of Vitamins, Nutrients and Herbs is well documented, but current studies have not been able to prove those properties till now. Molecular Oral Absorption now allows you to take advantage of those great nutritional benefits.

As you may now see, the fact that we market vitamins and herbs is only secondary to our unique delivery system. Focusing on the real “sizzle” product Q offers frees you from the “Mine is Better Than Yours Vitamin fight” 

Think about it.

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The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body. MOLECULAR Oral spray technology has near 100% absorption

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