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Sleep - a truly effective sleeping aid with NO hangover, wake-up haze or addictions.

Enjoy a sound, restfull sleep - just spray. No expensive or adictive pills, lotions or potions!


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Imagine not having to choke on those large pills and suffer morning sickness? Imagine not having to worry about the little blue pill? Imagine peaceful and natural sleep? Imagine stress releaf without medication?
Now you can - with Q Oral Spray Nutrients

The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body. Q Molecular Oral spray technology has near 100% absorption

The significance and impact that Q is having in the Wellness Industry can only be realized
by knowing what Oral Absorption really is!

Medical professionals, hospitals, Wellness Professionals etc. World Wide
are embracing Qsprays - Do YOU Want a Piece of the Action?

Q Oral Spray Vitamins, Herbs, Nutrients and Supplements, the finest in the world

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