Katie's Natural Way offeres the finest natural products available today.

Healthy Coffee at Katie's Natural Way

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Katie's Natural Way offeres the finest natural products available today.

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Low Caffeine, Low acidity premimum aribica coffee bean - GanoExcel gourmet coffees

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Healthy Coffee at Katie's Natural Way

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A Healthier coffee for you, a smooth Gourmet taste
with less acidity at an affordable wholesale price

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Gano Excel Mocha - a heavenly smooth blend - coffee, cocoa and ganoderma - sit back and smile
"To Die For" - Mocha

Gano Excel black - for those who wish to add their own  or enjoy in the pure form, a premimum Aribica bean cold processed and blended with ganoderma herb
Great Classic ( Black )

GanoExcel Tea - a south African Rooibos red tea with ganoderma herb - just plain pleasant
Exquisite SOD Herbal Tea

Imagine, a healthy Cocoa that has NO caffeine, and has Mycellium, an ancient herb enhancing brain function
No-Caffeine Cocoa for Children
A smooth pleasant tasting coffee as good or better than your current brewed coffee without the excess caffeine or acidity!

Healthy Coffee opportunity movie - GanoExcel Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum  Lingzhi

Healthy Coffee Home Based Business with Gano Excel

Coffee - the second largest traded commodity in the world, oil being number one.

Become Wealthy with Healthy Coffee and GanoExcel            Find out how to order at discount or at wholesale

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A Healthier coffee for you, a smooth Gourmet taste with less acidity at an affordable wholesale price

"Every Sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency" - Dr. Linus Pauling

Why would you take an inefficient pill when todays technology gives you Spray Vitamins?

The Nutritional Implications of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a life changing event.  The surgery drastically reduces the amount of food a person is able to ingest at any one time.  The surgery also drastically reduces the area in the stomach and intestines available for the absorption of nutrients into the blood. Immediately after the surgery, only clear liquids can be ingested.  Gradually the patient transfers to opaque liquids, to pureed foods, to soft foods, and finally, to well chewed regular foods. Following bariatric surgery, it is virtually impossible to obtain adequate amounts of vitamins from the diet.  A life-long commitment to a regular multi-vitamin supplement is required for most patients.

Following surgery, do the patients have to take vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their lives?

Yes!  Start with a multi-vitamin at least three weeks before surgery to help your body prepare for the surgery. This can also help your body during the recovery process.  Following weight loss surgery, vitamin and mineral supplements are essential if nutritional deficiencies are to be prevented.  Deficiencies arise due to both the reduced food intake and the malabsorption associated with the surgery.  The majority of weight loss surgery patients will require a multi-vitamin supplement for years to come.Vitamins and Health - Gastric bypass surgery introduces a malabsorption condition to the patients digestive tract.  The malabsorption condition is part of the reason why weight is lost more quickly than by simply dieting alone.  Malabsorption is a major factor in many types of weight loss surgery, such as Roux-en-Y and the Duodenal Switch.What's the best way to take vitamins? - SprayLabs.com Oral Sprays leads the world in research and development of molecular oral spray technology for the buccal delivery of nutrients, distributed by Q Sprays .  Spray vitamins are ingested as liquids, sprayed directly into the mouth where the vitamins start to absorb directly across the buccal mucosa (the lining of the mouth) and swallowed.Spray Vitamins are ideally suited to the bariatric patient. They will not interfere with food intake, there is no pill to swallow, (no fillers and binders that are common in vitamin pill manufacturing, and may include dehydrogenated animal fat, talcum powder, whey, and shellac) to interfere with the dietary intake and take-up the limited space available.  With Spray Vitamins the patient will receive the required vitamins without the possibility of regurgitation.  oral spray nutritionals Q Sprays Spray Vitamins are easy to use on a regular basis.

Vitamins are essential to ensure health and wellness.  Using oral spray nutritionals Q Sprays Spray Vitamins is the only way to ensure adequate daily intake of these life giving nutrients. This is a life long commitment.  By taking vitamin supplements daily, bariatric patients can help avoid health complications due to malnutrition.  oral spray nutritionals Q Sprays Spray Vitamins makes this commitment easy.

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